Hawaii Seal Hawaii Revised Statutes

Chapter 291C

Statewide Traffic Code



Part I. General Provisions


291C-1 Definitions

291C-2 Trauma system surcharge

291C-3 State and county safe routes to school programs;

coordinators; grants; reports

291C-4 Safe routes to school program special fund;


291C-5 Safe routes to school program surcharge

Part II. Accidents and Accident Reports

291C-11 Provisions of part apply throughout State

291C-12 Accidents involving death or serious bodily injury

291C-12.5 Accidents involving substantial bodily injury

291C-12.6 Accidents involving bodily injury

291C-13 Accidents involving damage to vehicle or property

291C-14 Duty to give information and render aid

291C-15 Duty upon striking unattended vehicle or other


291C-16 Immediate notice of accident

291C-17 Written reports of accidents

291C-18 False reports

291C-19 Garages to report

291C-20 Disclosure of traffic accident reports


Part III. Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws

291C-21 Provisions of parts III to XIV refer to vehicles

upon the highways; exceptions

291C-22 Repealed

291C-23 Obedience to police officers

291C-24 Persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn


291C-25 Persons working on highways; exceptions

291C-26 Authorized emergency vehicles

291C-27 Emergency vehicle stopped for emergencies; duty

of approaching vehicle

Part IV. Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings

291C-31 Obedience to and required traffic-control devices

291C-32 Traffic-control signal legend

291C-33 Pedestrian-control signals

291C-34 Flashing signals

291C-35 Lane-direction-control signals

291C-36 Display of unauthorized signs, signals, or markings

291C-38 Longitudinal traffic lane markings

Part V. Driving on Right Side of Roadway;

Overtaking and Passing; Use of Roadway

291C-41 Drive on right side of roadway; exceptions

291C-42 Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions

291C-43 Overtaking a vehicle on the left

291C-44 When overtaking on the right is permitted

291C-45 Limitations on overtaking on the left

291C-46 Further limitation on driving on left of center of


291C-47 No-passing zones

291C-48 One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands

291C-49 Driving on roadways laned for traffic

291C-50 Following too closely

291C-51 Driving on divided highways

291C-52 Restricted access

291C-53 Restrictions on use of controlled-access roadway or


Part VI. Right-of-Way

291C-61 Vehicle approaching or entering intersection

291C-62 Vehicle turning

291C-63 Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection

291C-64 Vehicle entering highway from private road or


291C-65 Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized

emergency vehicles

Part VII. Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties

291C-71 Pedestrian obedience to traffic-control devices and

traffic regulations

291C-72 Pedestrians’ right-of-way in crosswalks

291C-73 Crossing at other than crosswalks

291C-74 Drivers to exercise due care

291C-75 Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks

291C-76 Pedestrians on roadways

291C-77 Pedestrians soliciting rides, business, or attention

of motorist

291C-78 Driving through safety zone prohibited

291C-79 Pedestrians’ right-of-way on sidewalks

Part VIII. Turning and Starting and Signals on

Stopping and Turning

291C-81 Required position and method of turning at


291C-82 Turning so as to proceed in the opposite direction

291C-83 Starting parked vehicle

291C-84 Turning movements and required signals

291C-85 Signals by hand and arm or signal lamps

291C-86 Method of giving hand-and-arm signals

Part IX. Special Stops Required

291C-91 Obedience to signal indicating approach of train

291C-92 All vehicles must stop at certain railroad grade


291C-93 Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad


291C-94 Emerging from alley, driveway, or building

291C-95 Overtaking and passing school bus

Part X. Speed Restrictions

291C-101 Basic rule

291C-102 Noncompliance with speed limit prohibited

291C-103 Racing on highways

291C-104 Speeding in a school zone or construction area

291C-105 Excessive speeding

291C-106 Speed limit for Daniel K. Inouye highway

Part XI. Stopping, Standing and Parking

291C-111 Noncompliance with stopping, standing, or parking


291C-112 Certain uses of parked vehicles prohibited between

6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.; definition; exceptions

291C-113 Ordinances regulating use of vehicles for purposes

of human habitation

291C-114 Parking on sidewalks

291C-115 Wheel boots prohibited

Part XII. Miscellaneous Rules

291C-121 Unattended motor vehicle

291C-121.5 Leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle

291C-122 Limitations on backing

291C-123 Driving or parking upon bikeway; parking penalty

291C-124 Obstruction to driver’s view or driving mechanism

291C-125 Opening and closing vehicle doors

291C-126 Riding in house trailers

291C-127 Coasting prohibited

291C-128 Following emergency vehicle prohibited

291C-129 Crossing fire hose

291C-130 Slow moving vehicle emblem required; penalty

291C-130.5 Dangerous wheels; prohibited

291C-131 Spilling loads on highways; penalties

291C-132 Littering from vehicles

291C-133 Waste material falling from motor vehicles

291C-134 Neighborhood electric vehicles; speed;


291C-134.5 Electric personal assistive mobility devices;


291C-135 Tow trucks; signage and insurance requirements

291C-136 Towing by consent; payment

291C-137 Mobile electronic devices

Part XIII. Operation of Bicycles and Play Vehicles

291C-141 Effect of regulations

291C-142 Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles

291C-143 Riding on bicycles

291C-144 Clinging to vehicles

291C-145 Riding on roadways and bikeways

291C-146 Carrying articles

291C-147 Lamps and other equipment on bicycles

291C-148 Driving upon sidewalk

291C-149 Bicycle racing

291C-150 Bicycle helmets

Part XIV. Special Rules for Motorcycles

291C-151 Traffic laws apply to persons operating


291C-152 Riding on motorcycles

291C-153 Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for


291C-154 Clinging to other vehicles

291C-155 Footrests and handlebars

Part XV. Penalties and Procedure on Arrest;

Respective Powers of State and Counties

291C-161 Penalties

291C-162 Provisions uniform throughout State

291C-163 Powers of counties

291C-164 Procedure upon arrest

291C-165 Summons or citation

291C-165.5 Motor vehicle towing and storage; settlement

291C-166 Repealed

291C-167 Summons or citation on illegally parked vehicle

291C-168, 168.5 Repealed

291C-169 When complaint to be issued

291C-170 Revocation or suspension of license

291C-171 Disposition of fines and forfeitures

291C-171.5 Collection of fines and costs

291C-172 Refusal to provide identification

291C-173 Interpretation

291C-174 Severability

Part XVI. Special Rules for Mopeds

291C-191 Definition

291C-192 Effect of violations; vicarious responsibility;


291C-193 Traffic laws apply to persons driving mopeds

291C-194 Driver’s license required

291C-195 Driving of mopeds

291C-196 Driving mopeds on roadways

291C-197 Driving mopeds on bicycle lanes and paths

291C-198 Speed restrictions on mopeds

291C-199 Clinging to vehicles, bicycles, etc.

291C-200 Use of lamps on mopeds

291C-201 Renting or selling mopeds

291C-202 Moped equipment requirements and inspection

291C-203 Certification of compliance

291C-204 Defacing serial numbers, etc., of mopeds

291C-205 Unlawful to possess certain mopeds and moped parts

291C-206 Modifying moped motor; violation

291C-207 Moped liability insurance; coverage for damage by

rented or leased moped

Part XVII. High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

291C-221 Definitions

291C-221.5 High occupancy vehicle lanes; emergencies

291C-222 Designation of high occupancy vehicle lane

291C-222.5 School buses; zipper lanes

291C-223 Summons or citation for illegal use of high

occupancy vehicle lane

291C-224 Registered owner’s responsibility for a summons or


291C-225 Failure to comply with summons or citation

291C-226 Liability for rental or U-drive vehicle

291C-227 Penalty


Pedestrian safety improvements (reports through 2009 legislature). L Sp 2007, c 2, ยง4.

Traffic safety and major accident reporting protocols by each county police department. L 2010, c 104.

Cross References

Adjudication of traffic infractions, see chapter 291D.