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Absentee polling place; registration at absentee polling place

§15-7 Absentee polling place; registration at absentee polling place. (a) Absentee polling places shall be established at the office of the respective clerks, and may be established at other sites as may be designated by the clerk under the provisions prescribed in the rules adopted by the chief election officer. Section 11-21 relating to changes and transfers of registration shall apply to the absentee polling place as though it were the precinct at which a person’s name properly appears on the list of registered voters.

(b) The absentee polling places shall be open no later than ten working days before election day, and all Saturdays falling within that time period, or as soon thereafter as ballots are available; provided that all absentee polling places shall be open on the same date statewide, as determined by the chief election officer.

© A person who is eligible to vote but is not registered to vote may register by appearing in person at the absentee polling place for the county in which the person maintains residence.

(d) The county clerk shall designate a registration clerk, who may be an election official, at each of the absentee polling places established in the county.

(e) The registration clerk shall process applications for any person not registered to vote who submits a signed affidavit in accordance with section 11-15, which shall include a sworn affirmation:

(1) Of the person’s qualification to vote;

(2) Acknowledging that the person has not voted and will not vote at any other polling place for that election and has not cast and will not cast any absentee ballot pursuant to chapter 15 for that election; and

(3) Acknowledging that providing false information may result in a class C felony, punishable by a fine not exceeding $1,000 or imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both.

(f) The registration clerk may accept, as prima facie evidence, the allegation of the person in the application regarding the person’s residence in accordance with section 11-15(b), unless the allegation is contested by a qualified voter. The registration clerk may demand that the person furnish substantiating evidence to the other allegations of the person’s application in accordance with section 11-15(b).

(g) Registration may be challenged in accordance with section 11-25.

(h) Notwithstanding subsection ©, registration pursuant to this section may be used by a person who is registered to vote but whose name cannot be found on the precinct list for the polling place associated with the person’s residence.

(i) The clerk of each county shall add persons who properly register at an absentee polling place to the respective general county register. Within thirty days of registration at an absentee polling place, the county clerk shall mail to the person a notice including the person’s name, current street address, district and precinct, and date of registration. A notice mailed pursuant to this subsection shall serve as prima facie evidence that the person is a registered voter as of the date of registration. [L 1975, c 36, pt of §3; am L 1976, c 106, §4(2); am L 1992, c 129, §6; am L 1993, c 230, §3 and c 304, §9; am L 1998, c 55, §1; am L 2014, c 166, §3]