Hawaii Seal Hawaii Revised Statutes

Chapter 514A

Condominium Property Regimes



Part I. General Provisions and Definitions


514A-1 Title

514A-1.5 Applicability of chapter

514A-1.6 Conformance with county land use ordinances

514A-2 Chapter not exclusive

514A-3 Definitions

514A-4 Status of apartments

514A-5 Ownership of apartments

514A-6 Separate taxation

514A-7 Condominium specialist; appointment; duties

Part II. Creation, Alteration, and Termination

of Condominiums

514A-11 Recordation and contents of declaration

514A-12 Copy of the floor plans to be filed

514A-13 Common elements

514A-13.4 Telecommunications equipment and renewable energy


514A-13.5 Remuneration to allow ingress and egress prohibited

514A-13.6 Mailboxes for each dwelling required

514A-14 Parking stalls

514A-14.5 Ownership of parking stalls

514A-15 Common profits and expenses

514A-15.1 Common expenses; prior late charges

514A-15.5 Metering of utilities

514A-16 Liens against apartments; removal from lien; effect

of part payment

514A-17 Contents of deeds or leases of apartments

514A-18 Blanket mortgages and other blanket liens affecting

an apartment at time of first conveyance or lease

514A-19 Merger of increments

514A-20 Condominium property regimes

514A-21 Removal from provisions of this chapter

514A-22 Removal no bar to subsequent resubmission

Part III. Registration and Administration

514A-31 Notification of intention

514A-32 Questionnaire and filing fee

514A-33 Inspection

514A-34 Inspection expenses

514A-35 Waiver of inspection

514A-36 Public reports and registration fees

514A-37 Preliminary public reports

514A-38 Request for effective date or hearing by developer

514A-39 Repealed

514A-39.5 Contingent final public report

514A-40 Final reports

514A-41 Supplementary public report

514A-42 True copies of public report; no misleading


514A-43 Automatic expiration of public reports;


514A-44 Deposit of fees

514A-45 Supplemental regulations governing a condominium

property regime

514A-46 Investigatory powers

514A-47 Cease and desist orders

514A-48 Power to enjoin

514A-49 Penalties

514A-50 Limitation of action

Part IV. Protection of Purchasers

514A-61 Disclosure requirements

514A-62 Copy of public report to be given to prospective


514A-63 Recission rights

514A-64 Repealed

514A-64.5 Protection of purchasers’ funds

514A-65 Escrow requirement

514A-66 Repealed

514A-67 Financing construction

514A-68 Misleading statements and omissions

514A-69 Remedies; sales voidable when and by whom

514A-70 Warranty against structural and appliance

defects; notice of expiration required

Part V. Condominium Management

514A-81 Bylaws

514A-82 Contents of bylaws

514A-82.1 Employees of condominiums; background check

514A-82.15 Mixed use property; representation on the board

of directors

514A-82.2 Restatement of declaration and bylaws

514A-82.3 Borrowing of money

514A-82.4 Duty of directors

514A-82.5 Pets in apartments

514A-82.6 Pets, replacement of subsequent to prohibition

514A-83 Purchaser’s right to vote

514A-83.1 Board meetings

514A-83.2 Proxies

514A-83.3 Membership list

514A-83.4 Meeting minutes

514A-83.5 Documents of the association of apartment owners

514A-83.6 Associations of apartment owners; budgets and


514A-84 Management and contracts; developer, managing

agent, and association of apartment owners

514A-84.5 Availability of project documents

514A-85 Records; examination; disposal

514A-86 Insurance

514A-87 Personal application

514A-88 Compliance with covenants, bylaws, and

administrative provisions

514A-88.5 Medical marijuana; discrimination

514A-89 Certain work prohibited

514A-90 Priority of lien

514A-90.5 Unpaid common expenses; collection from tenants

514A-90.6 Lease rent renegotiation

514A-91 Joint and several liability of grantor and

grantee for unpaid common expenses

514A-92 Waiver of use of common elements; abandonment of

apartment; conveyance to board of directors

514A-92.1 Designation of additional areas

514A-92.2 Notification of maintenance fee increases

514A-92.5 Association of apartment owners; prior written

notice of assessment of the cost of providing


514A-93 Actions

514A-93.3 Service of process

514A-93.5 Disposition of unclaimed possessions

514A-94 Attorneys’ fees, delinquent assessments, and

expenses of enforcement

514A-95 Managing agents

514A-95.1 Association of apartment owners registration;

fidelity bond

514A-96 Board of directors, audits, audited financial

statement, transmittal

514A-97 Association of apartment owners funds; handling

and disbursement

514A-98 False statement

514A-99 Rules

Part VI. Sales to Owner-Occupants

514A-101 Definitions

514A-102 Announcement or advertisement; publication

514A-103 Designation of residential apartments

514A-104 Apartment selection, requirements

514A-104.5 Affidavit

514A-104.6 Prohibitions

514A-105 Sale of residential apartments; developer


514A-106 Repealed

514A-107 Enforcement

514A-107.5 Penalties

514A-107.6 False statement

514A-108 Inapplicability of part or sections

Part VII. Arbitration; Mediation

514A-121 Arbitration of disputes

514A-121.5 Mediation

514A-122 Determination of unsuitability

514A-123 Determination of insurance coverage

514A-124 Costs, expenses and legal fees

514A-125 Award; confirming award

514A-126 Findings of fact and conclusions of law

514A-127 Trial de novo and appeal

Part VIII. Miscellaneous

514A-131 to 133 Repealed

514A-134 False statement

514A-135 Rules


Chapter title amended by L 1988, c 65, §1.

This chapter was enacted as a restatement without substantive change of chapter 514, as of January 1, 1978. L 1977, c 98, §§1, 5. It was enacted as chapter 514 but was redesignated as chapter 514A to avoid confusion with the former provisions.

This chapter was scheduled for repeal on July 1, 2006, by L 2005, c 93, §6 but L 2006, c 273, §33 repealed L 2005, c 93, §6, deleting the repeal of this chapter. Parts and sections of this chapter that were repealed by other Acts remain repealed.

For effect of this chapter, see L 2006, c 273, §2 and §514B-21.

Cross References

For new chapter on condominiums, see chapter 514B.

Association documents to be provided, see §514B-154.5.

Placement of clotheslines, see §196-8.5.

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Case Notes

Chapter did not preempt ordinance relating to residential condominium leasehold conversion. 76 H. 46, 868 P.2d 1193.