Hawaii Seal Hawaii Revised Statutes

Chapter 514B




Part I. General Provisions


514B-1 Short title

514B-2 Applicability

514B-3 Definitions

514B-4 Separate titles and taxation

514B-5 Conformance with county land use laws

514B-6 Supplemental county rules governing a condominium

property regime

514B-7 Construction against implicit repeal

514B-8 Severability

514B-9 Obligation of good faith

514B-10 Remedies to be liberally administered

Part II. Applicability

514B-21 Applicability to new condominiums

514B-22 Applicability to preexisting condominiums

514B-23 Amendments to governing instruments

Part III. Creation, Alteration, and Termination

of Condominiums

514B-31 Creation

514B-32 Contents of declaration

514B-33 Condominium map

514B-34 Condominium map; certification of architect,

engineer, or surveyor

514B-35 Unit boundaries

514B-36 Leasehold units

514B-37 Common interest

514B-38 Common elements

514B-39 Limited common elements

514B-40 Transfer of limited common elements

514B-41 Common profits and expenses

514B-42 Metering of utilities

514B-43 Liens against units

514B-44 Contents of deeds or leases of units

514B-45 Blanket mortgages and other blanket liens affecting

a unit at time of first conveyance or lease

514B-46 Merger of projects or increments

514B-47 Removal from provisions of this chapter

Part IV. Registration and Administration

of Condominiums

514B-51 Registration required; exceptions

514B-52 Application for registration

514B-53 Inspection by commission

514B-54 Developer’s public report; requirements for issuance

of effective date

514B-55 Developer’s public report; request for hearing by


514B-56 Developer’s public report; amendments

514B-57 Commission oversight of developer’s public report

514B-58 Annual report

514B-59 Expiration of developer’s public reports

514B-60 No false or misleading information

514B-61 General powers and duties of commission

514B-62 Deposit of fees

514B-63 Condominium specialists; appointment; duties

514B-64 Private consultants

514B-65 Investigative powers

514B-66 Cease and desist orders

514B-67 Termination of registration

514B-68 Power to enjoin

514B-69 Penalties

514B-70 Limitation of actions

514B-71 Condominium education trust fund

514B-72 Condominium education trust fund; payments

by associations and developers

514B-73 Condominium education trust fund; management

Part V. Protection of Condominium Purchasers

A. General Provisions

514B-81 Applicability; exceptions

514B-82 Sale of units

514B-83 Developer’s public report

514B-84 Developer’s public report; special types of


514B-85 Preregistration solicitation

514B-86 Requirements for binding sales contracts;

purchaser’s right to cancel

514B-87 Rescission after sales contract becomes binding

514B-88 Delivery

514B-89 Sales contracts before completion of construction

514B-90 Refunds upon cancellation or termination

514B-91 Escrow of deposits

514B-92 Use of purchaser deposits to pay project costs

514B-93 Early conveyance to pay project costs

514B-94 Misleading statements and omissions; remedies

B. Sales to Owner-Occupants

514B-95 Definitions

514B-95.5 Announcement or advertisement; publication

514B-96 Designation of residential units

514B-96.5 Unit selection; requirements

514B-97 Affidavit

514B-97.5 Prohibitions

514B-98 Sale of residential units; developer requirements

514B-98.5 Enforcement

514B-99 Penalties

514B-99.3 False statement

514B-99.5 Inapplicability of laws

Part VI. Management of Condominiums

A. Powers, Duties, and Other General Provisions

514B-101 Applicability; exceptions

514B-102 Association; organization and membership

514B-103 Association; registration

514B-104 Association; powers

514B-105 Association; limitations on powers

514B-106 Board; powers and duties

514B-106.5 Service of process

514B-107 Board; limitations

514B-113 Medical marijuana; discrimination

514B-108 Bylaws

514B-109 Restatement of declaration and bylaws

514B-110 Bylaws amendment permitted; mixed use property;

representation on board

514B-111 Judicial power to excuse compliance with

requirements of declaration or bylaws

514B-112 Condominium community mutual obligations

B. Governance - Elections and Meetings

514B-121 Association meetings

514B-122 Association meetings; minutes

514B-123 Association meetings; voting; proxies

514B-124 Association meetings; purchaser’s right to vote

514B-124.5 Voting for elections; cumulative voting

514B-125 Board meetings

514B-126 Board meetings; minutes

C. Operations

514B-131 Operation of the property

514B-132 Managing agents

514B-133 Association employees; background check; prohibition

514B-134 Management and contracts; developer, managing

agent, and association

514B-135 Termination of contracts and leases of developer

514B-136 Transfer of developer rights

514B-137 Upkeep of condominium

514B-138 Upkeep of condominium; high-risk components

514B-139 Upkeep of condominium; disposition of

unclaimed possessions

514B-140 Additions to and alterations of condominium

514B-141 Tort and contract liability; tolling

of limitation period

514B-142 Aging in place or disabled; limitation on liability

514B-143 Insurance

514B-144 Association fiscal matters; assessments for

common expenses

514B-145 Association fiscal matters; collection of unpaid

assessments from tenants or rental agents

514B-146 Association fiscal matters; lien for assessments

514B-147 Association fiscal matters; other liens affecting

the condominium

514B-148 Association fiscal matters; budgets and reserves

514B-149 Association fiscal matters; handling and disbursement

of funds

514B-150 Association fiscal matters; audits, audited

financial statement

514B-151 Association fiscal matters; lease rent renegotiation

514B-152 Association records; generally

514B-153 Association records; records to be maintained

514B-154 Association records; availability; disposal;


514B-154.5 Association documents to be provided

514B-155 Association as trustee

514B-156 Pets

514B-157 Attorneys’ fees, delinquent assessments, and

expenses of enforcement

D. Alternative Dispute Resolution

514B-161 Mediation

514B-162 Arbitration

514B-163 Trial de novo and appeal


Election to register a chapter 514A condominium under chapter 514B. L 2005, c 93, §9; L 2007, c 244, §8.

Section 16-53-16.8 and chapter 16-107, subchapter 6, Hawaii Administrative Rules, remain in effect until new rules are adopted. L 2005, c 93, §10 and L 2006, c 273, §34.

Cross References

Building permit requirements on new developments in school impact districts, see §46-142.5.

Placement of clotheslines, see §196-8.5.

Applicability of Chapter

See §§514B-21 to 23.