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Security for costs

§607-3.5 Security for costs. The several courts shall have power to require either the plaintiff or defendant, upon the application of the opposite party, to give security for costs in any civil cause, upon such terms and conditions as the court deems just. [L 1972, c 88, §5©]

Cross References

Vexatious litigants; security, see chapter 634J.

Case Notes

There is a wide discretion in the matter of requiring security for costs. 26 H. 112, 116 (1921); 34 H. 308 (1937); 35 H. 907 (1941).

A circuit judge at chambers in proceedings for probate of a will may require of contestant security for costs. 29 H. 455 (1926).

See 22 H. 303 (1914), cited 29 H. 242, 243 (1926), as to necessity for finality of judgment in order to appeal.