Hawaii Seal Hawaii Revised Statutes

Chapter 28

Attorney General



Part I. Department, Generally


28-1 Appears for State

28-2 Prosecutes offenders, enforces bonds

28-2.5 Investigations

28-3 Gives opinions

28-4 Advises public officers

28-5 Aids poor

28-5.1 Repealed

28-5.2 Protection of charitable assets; attorney general’s


28-6 No fee; not to act as attorney

28-7 Accounts

28-7.5 Administrative services manager; appointment and


28-8 First deputy attorney general; other deputies

28-8.3 Employment of attorneys

28-8.5 Special assistant to the attorney general;

appointment and duties; secretary

28-9 Additional deputies for acquisition of rights-of-way

28-10 Prohibition on private practice of law by the

attorney general, first deputy, and other deputies

28-10.5 Criminal and juvenile justice resource coordination;

administrator and staff

28-10.6 Crime research, prevention, and education;

administrator and staff

28-10.7 Repealed

28-10.8 Rules

28-11 Investigators; appointment and powers

28-11.5 Repealed

28-12 Seal of department

28-13 Antitrust trust fund

28-14 Repealed

28-15 Tobacco enforcement special fund

28-16 Litigation deposits trust fund

Part II. Sheriff–Repealed

28-21 to 28 Repealed

Part III. Civil Identification–Repealed

28-31 to 49 Repealed

Part IV. Crime Statistics–Repealed

28-51 to 56 Repealed

Part V. Organized Crime Unit

28-71 Organized crime unit

Part VI. Medicaid Fraud Unit

28-91 Medicaid fraud unit

28-91.5 Medicaid investigations recovery fund;


28-94 Dependent elder abuse; suits by the State; civil


Part VII. Witness Security

28-101 Witness security and protection

28-111 Victim-witness assistance program

Part VIII. Missing Child Center-Hawaii

28-121 Missing child center-Hawaii; programs

28-122 to 124 Repealed

Part IX. Drug Nuisance Abatement Unit

28-131 Drug nuisance abatement unit

Part X. Surveillance Review Unit

28-141 Surveillance review unit

Part XI. Law Enforcement Officer Independent Review


28-151 Definitions

28-152 Law enforcement officer independent review board;


28-153 Review of incidents of officer-involved death

Cross References

Forensic identification, see chapter 844D.